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Monday, May 3, 2010

Direct Linking With PPC and Google Adwords: Yes or No

When it comes to PPC advertising and Internet Marketing, a lot of marketers question whether or not it is more effective to link directly to the product page, or is it better to create their very own webpage endorsing the product they are marketing. Personally, I’ve heard stories from both sides. Both claiming that one or the other, has prove to be more effective in terms of conversions. In many cases, I’d believe it varies depending on the product the marketer is trying to promote because in most cases, products that are generally marketed are products from Clickbank. And if you are among the majority of marketers who choose to promote another person’s product, I’d say you should create your very own landing page. Reason being is because there are many factors in direct linking which may disrupt your campaign in terms of earnings because of the sole reason: you are not the product owner.
Here are a few reasons why you should create your very own webpage if you plan on promoting another person’s product.
  1. Nowadays, surfers are more and more suspicious of ads everywhere on the web and sometimes may even write out the URL of the ad in the address bar instead of clicking your ad link. What this means is that you are giving free traffic to the product owner, and profit which should have been credited to you, did not because there will be no cookie placed in the surfer’s web browser due to direct linking.
  2. Generally if you write up a good landing page which reviews the product, more visitors are more than likely to be convinced to buy the product if the original product site has a weak selling page.
  3. Since you are not the product owner, only the marketer trying to promote their product, you have absolutely no control over their landing page. Creating your very own landing pages lets you have the first words and allows you to be able to convey interested buyers to buy before directing them to the original product site. Also, this ensures that a cookie is placed on visitors’ web browser so you can be confident that you will get credit for your promotion.
  4. Branding. For the most part if you are direct linking, you will only be increasing the popularity of the original product owner’s sites and not yours. If you plan on creating a long term campaign, creating your very own landing page is very important to be able to absorb all the benefits of advertising on ad networks like Google. Branding is important with your very own website because a visitor may be interested upon clicking your ad however, may not be fully convinced to buy just yet. And if you happen to be direct linking, the next time visitors decide to buy, all they will remember is the original product name’s site and not your affiliate link (in other words, you don’t get credit for your promotion).
I know that although it may be time consuming and you may feel downright lazy to write up an entire landing page for the ad campaign, it may be well worth the effort because what you will be doing is covering up any vulnerabilities or holes to ensure you get every last bit of profit from your ad campaigns. But on the other hand if you are the product owner, you don’t have to worry about anything.

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