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Monday, May 3, 2010

Why Wordpress as the Blogging Platform

One of the biggest questions new coming bloggers ask themselves is why switch to Wordpress?
The many reasons why I believe Wordpress is currently tops any other blogging platform out there is because of its many features such as, plugins, ease, community, support, and its product overall as a blogging platform. It simply delivers as a blogging platform and more some, and not to mention, it is completely free.
Although I am not going to get into deep details on what Wordpress is, I’ll proclaim the benfits of switching over to Wordpress as the blogging platform and why I believe it is still the prominent free blogging software out there available.
  1. Ease of use – Although getting use to Wordpress may be rather difficult for the first couple of days, once you get use to the features Wordpress has to offer, it is simply one of the most easiest to use blogging softwares out there. Don’t get me wrong, even though Wordpress may seem complicated and confusing at first glance, it is simply not. Wordpress has even incorporated easy drag and drop widgets to better a person’s blogging experience by loads.
  2. Level Range – Not only is Wordpress easy to use, it is also a powerful software which can be used for both newbies and experts. Once using Wordpress’s MU, you are allowed to configure the coding anytime you want. This enables a mountain of opportunities for experienced coders. With Wordpress’s powerful software, you don’t feel hanging no matter if you are experienced or not in coding.
  3. Free Updates – There are many great things about Wordpress, but there is nothing which can match the idea that Wordpress is completely free to use and it comes with entirely free updates. There are many blog platforms out there that may ask for over $200 just for a simple blogging platform which may only have the basic blogging essentials like posting and tagging, while Wordpress is entirely free to use.
  4. Plugins – With Wordpress, you come equipped with a large list of some powerful and some not, free plugins at your disposal. This offers many complex configurations at just a click of a button for those who are not experienced in coding completely free.
  5. Free Templates – Not to mention, Wordpress comes equipped with over thousands of free Wordpress templates at just a click of a button.
  6. Spam Prevention – One of the biggest reasons why most choose Wordpress is for its powerful spam prevention system Akitsmet. Not only is Akitsmet powerful, it filters out only legitimate comments from those done by automated bots through a complex system which can detect spam. This makes Wordpress probably one of the most ideal blogging platforms out there because of its ability to keep away spammers that many other blog platforms cannot match.
  7. Community – Last but not least, one of the many reasons why experienced bloggers choose Wordpress rather than any other blogging platform, is Wordpress’s great community. Wordpress has easily the biggest blogging community behind it and when using its software, you can almost guarantee that Wordpress is simply easy to use, secure, and powerful all at once. Rest assured, when using Wordpress, you can almost always guarantee that you will not feel alone and limited due to its powerful team that is behind it all since 2003.

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