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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ultimate Keyword Research Ranking tool from KeyRow

As a blogger or Seo, we have to do lots of keyword research and rankings related activities for websites and keywords on regular basis. What if I introduce a tool to you which will ease your lots of work in this direction? I started using KeyRow in the last 3 months time only and since started using it, I have become regular user of this amazing keyword research tool. Best thing about this keyword research tool from KeyRow is that its free and holds lots of features that are not available in some of most popular keyword research tools available on internet. Here are some key features that you will get with KeyRow:
  1. Check Website
  2. Check keyword
  3. Compare website
  4. Compare two websites for a keyword
  5. Keyword history
  6. Keyword history for website

1. Check Website

When you enter a website URL against check website search box, you will be offered the list of top 100 keywords with their respective rankings on Google.com website. With top 10 keywords, this tool will also shows you keywords list that are rankings in top 10 or keywords which holds that top 1 rankings on Google.com. This is feature, I have never seen in any of 10’s of keywords research tools, I have used so far.

2. Check Keyword

Entering a keyword here will show you the list of top 100 websites ranking for that keyword on Google. So you can use this data to find the potential competitors you have for a particular search term.

3. Compare Website

When you enter two websites URL’s for comparison here, you will be shown the list of keywords, these two websites current rankings for those keywords and total number of searches for those keywords. So you can use this section to compare your website with some of your competitors websites and see how well you rankings in comparison with your competitors.

4. Compare websites for a keyword

In this section you can compare two websites rankings for a keyword on Google. It will also show you the historical data of these two websites rankings for that keyword in the past three months with graphs.

5. Keyword history

Entering a keyword against keyword history search box will show you the total number of search results for that keyword in the recent past. This data can be used to analyze traffic trend for a keyword i.e. searches for a particular keyword has been increasing or decreasing in the recent past.

6. Keyword history for website

When you enter a website URL and a keyword in the boxes available, you will be shown that website ranking for that keyword in the recent past with graphs. So you can use this feature to analyze how well a website is doing for a particular keyword in the last 3 months or so.
Hope you will try this amazing keyword research and rankings tool offered by KeyRow.com website. And don’t forget to share your experiences about this keywords research tool in the comments section.

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