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Friday, June 11, 2010

How to keep going when you get discouraged

Trying to establish an online business can be a quite daunting task. There are so many variables that come into play. In fact, most people who try to build an online business never make it to the point where they are satisfied with the monthly income their online business is producing. As a result of that, many people give up and never reach their true potential.
There’s a vicious rumor that circulates the internet. That rumor is that it is Super Easy to make money online. We look to the Guru’s and see the thousands, tens of thousands and even Hundred thousands that they make online and get when we see their pictures, we take their faces off in our minds and substitute ours with the thought that “That can be me, if I just buy their product”. We then purchase the product and realize that we need to work our butts off to accomplish the goal. What follows next is discouragement.
The fact is that when you see those gurus that make it look easy, they had to work their butts off to reach to the point where they can make it look easy, and so do you.

Do the Gurus face discouragement?

The Discouraged Entrepreneur
The Discouraged Entrepreneur
Having great successful mentors (who are open and honest) in the field of online business has enlightened me to the following fact. Even they have faced discouragement. Sometimes even more than you think. I have mentors who makes Tens of thousands and one who makes up to $100,000+ per month and even in those cases, they’ve faced some great discouragement and self doubt at numerous points in the past.
What made their success level significantly greater than most others is what they did with that discouragement. They didn’t let it hold them down. It’s almost as if they used it as fuel to propel themselves even more into higher levels of success. This realization did a lot for me, as I even find myself facing discouragement and wondering if what I’m doing will ever amount to anything.

How to Deal with Discouragement

Now that we have established that discouragement is normal, lets get to how to deal with it. This is important because we DON’T want to face discouragement for long periods of time. We need to whip ourselves into shape, and take our business to the next level. Here are some tips that have helped me significantly:
  1. Connect with other successful and success-minded individuals. This is probably the thing that has helped me significantly. There are a lot of nay-sayers when it comes to internet business. Avoid them like the plague. When you surround yourself with people who have the same goals, it’s much easier to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  2. Have a definite, measurable end goal. And easy way to be discouraged is to work your butt off to accomplish EVERYTHING. If you don’t know where you are headed, how will you know when you get there? What is your purpose? Why are you trying to build a business? The answer to that question is a huge step in the right direction of being focused and makes it harder to step off the path.
  3. Find a Mentor who is where you want to be and do EVERYTHING they say. This isn’t a guarantee that everything will work out, but this will help to eliminate a lot of wasted time time spent on things that aren’t productive and keep you focused. There’s so much info out there that it’s extremely easy to suffer from information overload.
  4. Establish daily routines to help you keep positive. I listen to a lot of business podcasts on a regular basis. This helps me to see what is possible and I’ve noticed that whenever I’m doing this, discouragement never crosses my mind. This is ONE example that I’ve been implementing that makes it close to impossible to feel discouraged on the days that I do it.
  5. Try your best to maintain a balanced lifestyle. One of the most stressful things in life (at least for me) is being so caught up in one thing that you don’t have time for everything else. Remember that Making Money is not EVERYTHING. There’s family, friends, health and other aspects of your life that are important too.
  6. Eat well and Exercise Regularly. I know this seems unrelated. What in the world does this have to do with business, right?? You’d be surprised to know that this helps tremendously. Since science is my background, this is something that really interests me. When you exercise, it increases the levels of a chemical called serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is known as the “feel good” chemical. It really does help you feel good and has the same effect as anti-depressant drugs, without all the yucky side effects.
  7. Read My Blog on a regular basis. What does this have to do with helping discouragement. Not much really. Well, I guess every so often I make a post like this that might help you ;)
So if you are in a discouraged state at the moment, I would recommend for you to actively do those things on a regular basis and I’m confident that it will help you to move beyond that disappointment and into success. I’ll end this post with my favorite quote.
“If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t. Either way, you are right” – Henry Ford.


As usual, I would love to have your feedback. Here are some things you can comment on below:
  • Do you ever feel discouraged when it comes to your online business?
  • If so, what do you do to deal with it?
  • Do you have a question about what I posted? Feel free to ask.
  • Anything else? Share it below.

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