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Friday, June 11, 2010

Saying No is essential to Success

Having a full time job and trying to run an online business can be a very challenging endeavor, especially when you are just getting started online. There is so much information to learn, so much to keep updated on and so many mistakes to make and learn from.
I remember when I first started having online success. I was literally attached to my computer whenever I had a spare moment. Since I’m a teacher at a boarding academy, it was indeed a challenge. However, since I’m the kind of teacher that likes giving the students assignments for them to practice on, whenever they would be working on assignments, I would be at the front of the class, monitoring what they were doing AND working online at the same time.
Eventually, I got to a point where I realized that I was just TOO BUSY. Yes, I was making money, but I often felt as if I was neglecting my students, and even my wife. Whenever I wasn’t working at school, I was working online.
Now, when I first started my online business, one of the main reasons it looked so appealing was because I had seen a number of people who were doing it and evidently they weren’t spending much time doing it. That sounded exciting to me. It was not just about making money. It was about the freedom of how the Internet Lifestyle could be.
However, this was not my experience. When my wife pointed out to me that I was spending much more time with my laptop than with her and that it was really having an effect on her, I knew that something had to change.
It was at that point I had to realize something very humbling, and it might be that you need to become aware of this too. Are you ready for it? Ok, here it comes . . . I CAN’T DO EVERYTHING! Yes, it hit me right smack dab in the face. In order to be successful, I had to let certain things go. This was something that applied to my teaching job AND my online business. I had to learn to say NO.

Here’s how it applies to what you do in life (online and off)

There were two important points to consider. The first begins with the following questions. What are you goals in life? This is a fundamental question that, if put in perspective, eliminates a lot of unnecessary junk. It’s pretty simple. Whatever you find yourself busy doing needs to be evaluated as to whether or not it is in alignment with your goals. If it is, then it’s something you should consider doing. If not, WHY ARE YOU DOING IT? STOP NOW!!! Say NO to those things, because they only distract you from reaching your goals.
Now, that’s just the beginning. This second point is equally as important and often overlooked. Just because something is in alignment with your goals, it doesn’t mean that it’s something you HAVE to do. The fact is that if you were to do everything that is in alignment with your goals, you would have NO time for yourself or for the people you care about. Remember that the ultimate goal is not just financial success but also freedom.
When looking at the things you do on a daily basis, it’s very necessary to prioritize that list, so that it becomes obvious what things you MUST do (necessary) and what things are just good to do (unnecessary). Make sure you can identify the difference between the two.
Since, my real job is a teacher at a boarding academy, I get to be involved with students on a deeper level than the average high school teacher. I love my kids. However, if I were to say Yes to every request I received from every student, I would be taking students into town to go to Walmart or McDonalds all day, everyday. Yes, it is great to spend time with them and get to know them better. However, it is necessary to have balance.
If you find yourself being extremely busy on a day to day basis, ask yourself the following question – What can I say no to and still accomplish my goals? Once you have answered that question, start saying no.

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