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Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Official Review of Blog Mastermind – How Yaro changed my life :)

Since I started building my online business, I’ve had the privilege of being involved in a number of Training programs. There are many so-called Guru’s online that it is becoming more and more difficult to tell the real deal from over-sold Hype.
Out of every single program that I’ve been involved in, there is one that has had the biggest impact on the way I conduct business online. Let me tell you about the Australian guy that changed my life.

Blog Mastermind Coaching Program

  • Creator: Yaro Starak
  • URL: Blogmastermind.com/coaching
  • Purpose: Build a profitable blog from scratch and set it as an authority in your niche/industry
I really wasn’t looking for it. In fact, I started somewhere else. I was in a program that taught affiliate marketing and I ran across one of his eBooks.
In his ebook he spoke about how he was making a sizable income from his blog. Over $10K/month to be exact. This immediately drew my attention.
Yaro Starak - The Blogging Genius
Yaro Starak - The Blogging Genius
So I decided to head over to his blog. I don’t quite remember what all I read that day, but I remembered being impressed. I wasn’t looking to spend any money and it didn’t seem as if he was trying to force me to read the typical Long-page Sales letter like many marketers out there and take my money.
I signed up for his Blog Tips Newsletter and got a Free Copy of his Blog Profits Blueprint. What happened next was astonishing. I read the Blueprint and was completely amazed with the valuable info. Then, as a part of his Blog Tips Newsletter, I received FREE email lessons that gave me a foundation as to understanding what it took to run a successful blog and found myself anxiously awaiting the next one.
When Yaro launched his Blog Mastermind Coaching program, I knew that it was something I had to be a part of, and I must say – it made my blog into what it is today. I remember thinking at the time – “if he gave away all that valuable info for free, the paid stuff HAD to be even more amazing”. Boy, was I right.

Course Outline and Delivery

There are 6 modules in the coaching program:
  • Module 1: How To Set-Up and Optimize Your Blog For Explosive Growth From Day One
  • Module 2: How To Create Blog Content That Magnetically Attracts Devoted Readers
  • Module 3: The Exact Traffic Techniques That Took My Blog From 0 to 5,000+ Daily Readers
  • Module 4: Super-Advanced Traffic Techniques To Really Ramp Up Growth
  • Module 5: How To Make REAL Money With Your Blog – Monetization Secrets
  • Module 6: How To Turn Your Blog Into A Real Business (Or, “How to Work Less and Earn More”)
The lessons in these 6 modules are announced via email on a weekly basis for a total of 26 weeks (approximately 6 months). This is the main aspect of the coaching program because it teaches you exactly what you need to know in a step by step manner. Each lesson has an audio version that you can listen to online or download to listen to on an MP3 player and a text version for those that like reading and some of the lessons are supplemented with additional video lessons.
Outlines The Strategy
At the end of each lesson there are Action activities that tells you exactly what you need to do in order to implement the strategies you learned in the lesson for that week. You are free to do the tasks at your own pace, which eliminates the pressure, while still providing a framework for your success.
In addition to those lessons, there are a bunch of other resources that are provided. There’s a forum for you to ask specific questions and get answers from mentors who know blogging inside and out and for you to connect with other like-minded individuals, which has been extremely valuable for me.
I can literally go on and on about the additional bonuses, but that would take too much time. So let me just give you a quick Outline:

Outline of Bonuses

  • Question and Answer sessions with Yaro. These are live teleconferences where you can basically ask any question you have and get answers from the man himself.
  • Bonus Interviews. Yaro has conducted interviews with successful bloggers on different aspects of blogging, where you can learn a ton from what they have done.
  • Video Case studies. This is where Yaro goes through blogs and does actual case studies and shows what can be done to improve their success.
  • Master the Mindset Audio. One of the most difficult parts of building a business is having the right mindset. Yaro put together some audios that really puts your mind in the right place to build a business.


All in all, this is one of the best programs out there. Yaro definitely over-delivers on what he promises and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about how to develop a business around a blog. Blogging is turning out to be one of the BEST way to drive FREE traffic to your business.
BMM receives an Outstanding evaluation
BMM receives an Outstanding evaluation
Yes, you can find a lot of the information out there Free of Charge. However, Blog mastermind helps you to focus on what is necessary to run a successful Blog and avoid information overload. If you want to start learning for free, I recommend signing up for his Blog Tips newsletter and getting the great tips.
I wholeheartedly endorse anything Yaro does because I know that he is genuinely interested in helping his mentees to succeed. I’m proud to have him as a mentor and if you are looking for a mentor that can change your business, Yaro’s your man.
His program will take you from a beginner to one that is confident enough to start a business online, because you have been equipped with the understanding, tools and resources that are necessary for running your business online.

How to Get Started

Either way, you wont regret it

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