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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why EVERY blogger should consider Freebie Trading – Blogging Part 1

One of the big problems many bloggers face is the issue of how to monetize their blogs. Yes, blogging can be a great hobby, but there are many people out there, myself included, who are doing this to make some kind of income.
When I started blogging a few months ago, it was for a few reasons. Yes, I wanted to help people out with valuable information so that they could start making money online and have a trusted source that they could go to. That’s been one of the most rewarding aspects for me. When I wake up and see that there have been a few more comments added to my blog, I get excited and anxiously go to the comments to try to respond to each comment individually.
However, since I started this blog, my intention has always been to set it up in a way that I can make a decent income from blogging. This has worked so far and I really enjoy that aspect of Blogging also.
A popular way of monetizing blogs is by promoting affiliate products. This is a very attractive method because they don’t have to worry about creating the products, and there are systems in place so that the blog owner doesn’t have to worry about having an infrastructure in place to handle the orders or handling inventory, since this is usually taken care of by the creator of the product. For example, I promote hosting with Lunarpages and provide people with free mentoring websites if they sign up using my link. I don’t take care of technical support of the hosting account, I just get paid for referring them people. It’s a beautiful thing.
The problem that many bloggers have is that even though they promote affiliate products on their blog, they make only a few sales every so often. The challenge that they face is convincing their audience/readers that the product is something they should purchase.
Many bloggers are able to do this well and even make a six figure income and more just from promoting affiliate products. Howeverm, you will find that many of these bloggers have mailing lists with tens of thousands of people subscribed. Although this is the goal of many bloggers, there are still many that just barely make it with enough cash to maybe cover their hosting payment.
How Freebie Trading can help
Freebie Trading is a great industry that is a relatively new one, when it comes to making money online. There are entire communities that are centered around this topic. For those of you that do not know what freebie trading is all about, I recommend going through my free Freebies 101 course.
The great thing about freebie trading is that you have an extra tool to convince your readers to jump in. The simple fact that you will be paying that. I know what you are thinking – “where do I get the money?”. It’s pretty simple, if you make $40 on 1 referral, you pay that referral $20. If you make $100, you pay them $50. It’s a win-win situation. Not only that, you can show them how they can turn around and start making a decent income using the freebie trading model.
In addition to being a freebie trader from your blog, you can also join communities that cater to freebie traders, providing you a place to get referrals separate from your blog.
Ok Leslie, but I don’t blog about making money
I knew that’s what some of you would say, and that’s the beautiful thing about the Freebie Industry. It’s not all about money. Many freebie sites offer Free Products that range the gammot from Cash, to ipods, vacuum cleaners to scooters, Workout equipment to diamond rings. Anything you can think about, you can find on Freebie sites. Best of all, you can show people how they can get those products simply by completing a few trial offers and referring others.
In other words, instead of trying to sell someone an expensive product, you can basically show them how they can work towards getting one for next to nothing, in addition to paying them a portion of what you make each time you refer someone. I mean, I was able to get a Free ipod touch and 40 inch Flatscreen TV.
Can you see how that can be a little more convincing than trying to sell someone something? So if you haven’t gotten into Freebie Trading as yet, I would recommend doing so now.
What’s coming in this series:
Part 2 – Freebie Sites that cater to a wide variety of Niches (tomorrow)
Part 3 – International Freebie Sites (day after tomorrow)
So check back here over the next few days to receive even more info on how you can use Freebie Sites to enhance your blog.

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