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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Freebie Sites that cater to a wide variety of Niches – Blogging Part 2

So you read yesterday’s article on Why Every Blogger Should Consider Freebie Trading. That is something I really believe. You see, it can be a difficult thing to start making money online. However, when you can show someone in their first day that it is possible to make money, it gives them the motivation to move on. If You’re a blogger, then seeing that initial spike in income can be a great motivating tool to give you that extra push you need to keep going.
I also told you yesterday that I would be showing you sites that cater to a wide variety of Niches. I have to keep my promise, so here goes :)
How It Works
I’m assuming that by now, you have at least glanced at my Freebies 101 course. However, I will still give you some idea here of how the system works. It’s pretty simple:
  1. You register at a freebie site and complete the required amount of offers (go green).
  2. I pay you for your green
  3. You refer others to complete offers.
  4. When they go green, you get paid and you pay them.
Lets talk about how this can work for you. Lets say your blog topic is working out and being fit. This seems to be a big topic in the blogosphere recently. You encourage people to work out on your blog and explain them the benefits of having a bowflex home gym. However, it would take a lot to convince them to go out and buy a home gym. Instead, you take the Freebie Approach.
  1. You Register at Getskinny Git-r-free using my referral link and complete 2 credits worth of offers. You can actually do this by completing 1 hosting offer (as an example)
  2. I pay you $40 just for going green.
  3. You promote Getskinny Git-r-free on your blog and tell people they can get a Bowflex home gym by completing 2 credit worth of offers and referring 9 people to do the same.
  4. When they go green, you can CHOOSE to pay them 50%, OR any other amount you choose. When they go green, you get paid $80 from the site. That’s $80 per person. Now isn’t that a SWEET deal?
Now let me tell you about the wide variety of things you can get at freebie sites by giving examples of things you can get:
What about me? My Niche isn’t mentioned
No, I didn’t leave you out. There are too many niches to mention. If you have a niche that isn’t listed here, leave a comment and I will try to find a freebie site for you (just subscribe to this post and you will know when I get it). HOWEVER, even if there isn’t any, there is always a “Custom Order” option. On ANY site, you can submit a Custom Order for ANY product you wish. You can do this by just sending them the name of the product you want via a support ticket. They will reply and let you know how many referrals a person would need to get in order to receive that particular product. It’s a beautiful thing.
So there you have it, everyone can do freebies in a way that it’s beneficial to them. Questions? Comments? I want to hear them :)

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