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Monday, July 19, 2010

10 Twitter Tools to Organize Your Tweets

Organization is just another word for success and satisfaction. With millions of Twitterers throughout the world, tweeting every minute of a typical day, keeping track of things becomes necessary for anyone who aspires to stay on top of tweeting while preventing being overwhelmed by messages. If you are a Twitter user who loves to tweet often and wants to keep your twitter activity in order, the following ten Twitter tools will help you organize your tweets and make your Twitter experience exciting:

1. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is a wonderful web application and one of the leading organizing tools for Twitter. With TweetDeck, you can sort tweets into groups of your Twitter contacts (or followers) based on any of a number of features; for example, the relative importance of the followers, hobbies and/or interests, or any other attributes. TweetDeck also has Reply Tracking and Search features for better organizing your tweets.

2. Twitter Grader

This specialized tool for Twitter grades users (including you) on the basis of a 5-piece algorithm. Users are graded by points ranging from 1 to 100, indicating their level of engagement at Twitter. Using Twitter Grader, you can check your own rank on the Twitter Grader scale and that of your followers, facilitating the choice of which users you want to keep following.

3. Tweetcloud

On Twitter, following or leaving a user mainly depends on the type of content being produced by him/her. Using Tweetcloud, you can see a ‘tag cloud’ – the general collection of a user’s most frequently used tags – for a particular user and then choose whether to follow him/her, or how frequently to do so.

4. Twitter Karma

This Twitter application is somewhat the opposite of Tweetcloud since it gives you the report on who among those you follow on Twitter are following you in turn, and vice versa. Using this information, you can choose whether or not you want to continue following someone’s tweeting. Visit Twitter Karma now to see your die-hard fans.

5. Twinfluence

Similar to Twitter Grader in scientific measurement, Twinfluence shows a user’s influence combined with that of his followers on Twitter. This information on your ‘social capital’ at Twitter helps you prioritize your feedback on particular followers and their tweets.

6. Qwitter

Qwitter is a unique Twitter tool which updates you through email notifications on who has stopped following you on Twitter. It even indicates the particular tweet after which a certain user stopped following you. This information helps you assess the impact of your tweets and whether or not you would like to tweet in the same category or style in future. Its alternative tool Twitterless also performs the same service.

7. Twitoria

If you are an active user who likes to follow active users only, Twitoria is the right tool for you. It filters out the inactive users you are following so that you may opt for more active and productive users only. And it is very user-friendly: all you need to do is enter your Twitter username and the tool filters out your inactive contacts according to the level of activity/inactivity you select, ranging from the past week to the past year.

8. TweetSum

TweetSum works by counting on the probability of who among your new followers may not be a good contact to follow by rating them on a Douche Bag Index (DBI).

9. TweetAdder

This tool is preferred by those who want to market their businesses/services via tweeting. It costs a little ($55) but has the unique feature to automatically process the potentially useful Twitter users for you. At their website, TweetAdder offers a free Demo version as a freebie for interested Twitterers.

10. HootSuite

For hyperactive Twitter users, those with multiple profiles at Twitter plus other social networking sites, HootSuite is just what the doctor ordered. Working also on your cell phone, this tool allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts and schedule tweets from different accounts ahead of posting, saving you a good deal of time , all in an orderly fashion.
New and improved Twitter tools continue to come out for Twitterers to help them better organize their tweets. A Twitter tool may be satisfactory to one user more than it comes to another user with different priorities and personality. What do you look for when you seek a Twitter tool? We’d love to hear from you. So feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding organization of tweets.




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