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Monday, July 19, 2010

Top 10 Tips for Twitter Users

Tweeting on Twitter is fun. If done in a smart and informed way, it becomes both fun and social success, and even business success, in case you are promoting your brand, services, or company. Experienced Twitterers perhaps already know the essentials of successful tweeting. However, a whole lot of beginners need some general helpful tips for staying on top of tweeting. Here are ten basic tips on smart tweeting.

1. Create an Attractive Profile

Your profile is your identity card seen first by a user. It creates your first impression so try to make it as good as possible. Include a nice-looking photo and an expressive, catchy line as your tweeting motto. Avoid offensive content.

2. Tweet Actively

This does not mean bombarding users with anything that flashes in your mind. Remember that actively means different from hyperactively. You should be neither too inactive to be forgotten nor too active to be blocked by your Twitter followers.

3. Refrain from Spamming

The last thing Twitterers want is spam mail. Trying to sell your product or brand etc to everyone with no personal message of mutual interest can leave you blocked. It is okay to include a URL of your site in your tweet but the whole message should never be expressly promotional.

4. Keep It Simple and Concise

With an upper limit of 140 characters Only for your message, keeping your tweet reader-friendly and concise is the best Twittering policy. Avoid all jargon and use commonly known abbreviations where needed instead of writing the complete words or phrases.

5. Flock with Your Like

Following everyone in the hope of drumming up their interest in you does not work well on Twitter (or elsewhere) for obvious reason – people generally tend to flock with like-minded folk. Therefore, choose to follow those users who share at least a few common or one major interest with you.

6. Stay Organized

Organizing your tweets saves you time and energy as well as makes your Twitter experience satisfactory. Many Twitter organizing tools are available online and can be chosen selectively according to your needs and priorities. Mashable has mentioned a list of twitter tools to organize your tweets.

7. Shorten Web Links

To save some space and make your tweet hip, tailor your URLs to remove the starting characters like www and http etc. You can simply tweet “scopeformoney.com” instead of http://www.scopeformoney.com/

8. No Plagiarism

Using someone else’s content without permission from the owner can create an issue on Twitter. Therefore, refrain from violating copyright.

9. Keep It Light

Tweeting is nowhere about gloom and doom. On the contrary, people love to connect with optimistic and humorous Twitterers. So keep your tweets hopeful and sparkling with life.

10. Consult Twitter Directories

Various Twitter directories help you connect with users more relevant to you. Google online Twitter directories. A good one to start is Wefollow.com.





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