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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

6 Steps to Follow to Make Money Online

Did you know how many pro-bloggers reached the level they did? It is because they had a fixed action plan for their website. They were ready to proceed towards creating a money making blog for them by following an organized path. You too can do the same. All it takes is a little patience and perseverance.

Step 1: Market Research

Before you set out to buy a domain name for your blog. Be sure to analyze the competition to the niche you have in mind. Know the market leaders and be prepared. Sometimes it is not always a good idea to get into few niches due to level of competition. Of course, passion can compensate for that. Also ensure that you are passionate about what you write.

Step 2: Identify Readers

Have a clear understanding about who your audience will be. If your blog is about gardening then chances are that most readers of your blog will be in a higher age group category. It is a tough chance that teens will search for tips on gardening. So if you know who your readers you will be able to write according to them and thereby create a good connection with your readers.

Step 3: Prepare your budget

Keep in mind that money is also an important factor when you launch your blog, there are expenses involved such as buying web hosts, domain names and other small expenses. So if you have an idea on how much you are spending you know how much to earn from your blog to make profit.

Step 4: Finalize Marketing

You must finalize what your advertising model will be. It is possible that you will go ad-free for the first few months of your blog. That is not a problem. Then instead of focusing on ads you may focus on building a Twitter follower list or create your brand awareness in various social sites. Whatever it is just be sure you know how to promote your blog.

Step 5: Your Ability

You must be able to sustain your blog without any profit for a few months. Also, you must have a nice stock of articles that you can publish regularly without fail. When no success comes your way for a long time for you online, you must have the patience to continue trying.

Step 6: Keywords

Make a list of keywords that your blog will specialize in. Use tools such as Wordtracker etc. to get an idea of high paying keywords. Capitalize them and in the long run you will be rewarded richly.




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