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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

10 Twitter Tips for Beginners

Joining Twitter is easy and tweeting is a fun-to-do activity. But Twitter is also a community of people, albeit it is online. So if you want to make your social presence at Twitter a success, you need to know and follow some basic guidelines. Here are 10 Twitter tips for beginners that all new Twitterers will find useful:

1. Define Your Interests

Before starting to tweet, it is important that you ask yourself why you want to tweet. Is it for killing time only? Do you want to make friends with similar interest? Do you want to learn in a particular category or subject? Will you like to promote something to earn money and reputation? By answering such questions, you start with an orientation that will help you remain motivated and organized during your stay on Twitter.

2. Make a Catchy Profile

Socially interacting with someone via Twitter requires an attractive profile, preferably one with a nice image (of yourself, a product, or any appealing figure etc) and an expressive username.

3. Stay Active and Interactive

If you want to stay on Twitterer’s to-follow list, you need to stay active. After all, social networking means corresponding – sending and receiving messages. Also, if you don’t interact with many members, your presence on Twitter will remain dull and your contacts will drop you from their list if you don’t reply to their tweets often. While replying, remember to say ‘Thanks!’

4. Choose Words Carefully

This is of primary importance. At Twitter, you only have 140 characters to convey your message, and you must use them wisely to make an impression with your tweet. Try to use common Internet abbreviations like LOL, TMI, and DIY etc instead of using complete words and phrases. However, do not confine your message entirely to abbreviations. When mentioning a site, don’t type/paste the complete URL but just the main page. You may even remove the starting characters like http and www etc, e.g., Lovinghealing.com. Go for simple, short, and easy words to avoid puzzling, and hence boring, other users.

5. No Spamming

Everyone hates to be spammed. If you simply start promoting your content by sending everyone a promotional message and or URL, you’ll soon be removed from most, if not all, users’ contact lists. Use non-promotional personal messages to interact with users, adding a link to your site at the end.

6. Don’t Follow everyone

It is mostly disappointing to try following almost everyone in the hope of being followed in return. Only follow those who share your interests and would like to read your tweets with interest.

7. Use Twitter Organizing Tools

Use any of the many available organizing tools for Twitter so as to manage your tweets and contacts in a time-saving and orderly manner.

8. Don’t Use Your Real Name as Your Username

It is generally recommended not to use your original name as your username on Twitter so as to avoid running into a row over something with some critical comment you make. Making offensive comments is not advisable at all but in case you slip, you should be careful enough not to break your back.

9. Care for Copyright

Many users slip here. They use others’ content, text or images, without prior permission on Twitter, leading to discontent. So be original and avoid doing copyright violation.

10. Humor Works

For a large number of people, being funny in a non-offensive way is a good quality and light-hearted tweets are welcome. If you are a humorous person in your life, don’t refrain from using it in your tweets.
The tips listed above will hopefully help you in enjoying your Twitter experience as a wholesome one. If you are an experienced Twitterer, perhaps you would like to share your own tips for beginners here. Feel free to send in your comments and tips. Or just tweet those to me!



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