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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Top 5 ideas for Beginners to Make Money Online

There are some ways to make money online for beginners. At most you require a blog or a website. Moreover, you do not have to invest or spend any amount of money from your side. Here are top 5 ideas:

Idea 1: Freelance Writing

This is the best way for a person to earn money as a beginner. Freelance writing is a work on the web which offers a lot of money making opportunities online. You can also improve your writing and researching for topics. Also, you should be comfortable in generating content for almost any niche. There are ample opportunities on the internet for freelance writers and they are paid quite well.

Idea 2: Web hosts/Domain Name Selling

This is a lot like affiliate selling but many webmasters have a site especially dedicated towards web hosting reviews and domain name selling. They sell products related to web hosting and domain names. All the web hosting companies such as Hostgator, Dreamhost etc. give very high commission to their affiliate sellers.

Idea 3: Making Affiliate Sales

You need not be a pro-blogger if you want to sell products on your website. If you have a website with enough organic traffic then affiliate marketing is a good way to make money online. The best sites that can be used for affiliate products are commission junction, Amazon, ClickBank. Most successful affiliate marketers who sell affiliate products do so from these listed sites. The trick is to market your product by writing great posts and selling quality products you have, your audience will also like. The affiliate products you sell should be related to the niche/theme of your blog or website. Making money online from affiliate products is highly profitable as it requires zero investment and provides high returns.

Idea 4: Social Discussions

Did you know that there are many social networking sites that pay you to simply discuss your favorite topics? Websites like mylot, Yuwie etc. which pays you for getting socialized. You can earn a lot depending on your level of participation. They usually have a low payout about as low as $10. These social networking sites basically pay you to start topics and respond to discussions. Apart from paying you these websites are also good to provide exposure to you and your own websites.

Idea 5: Sell unwanted stuff on Ebay

Ebay stores have made many people rich. When you start an online Ebay store you can sell used or new products or both. Millions of visitors come to Ebay for buying products. You can take a share of the pie. The key is to sell products that you do not require and provide a competitive price at the Ebay market place. If you do some research you can find great tips on how to make money online using Ebay.
Would you love to implement any of these ideas especially if you are a beginner in money making niche?




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