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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How to increase the number of Twitter followers

Twitter is a powerful tool to market your services and articles. If you want to get the maximum out of using Twitter then you need to have a large follower base. Why is that some people have 30,000 followers and you only have two or three? It is indeed something that needs to be thought about. In this post I have discussed some methods by which we can increase the number of Twitter followers.


Never underestimate the power of tweet. Many people will be grateful to you for retweeting their content. Promoting an article is not an easy task and any help by others by acts such as a retweet may help you gain more followers. The reason is that the writer can know the username of the people who retweet his article. This is possible through the Analytics section of the TweetMeme plugin which many bloggers use.

Follow Others

The basic and most simple fact about Twitter which everyone misses out. Many people do not follow others because they think it is cool have many followers and follow very few people. No doubt, it looks cool but it won’t happen to you. It is because those who have many followers and hardly follow anyone are Tweeple who are famous. You should consider adding people who work in your area. Most of them will follow you back right away.

Talk to People

When you talk to people on Twitter then it is not a personal conversation. Anyone can read the talk of both people. When you talk to people then it is possible to showcase your insight and knowledge to the Tweeters. So those who are interested in networking in your field will follow you.

Your Website/Blog

If your blog or website is a source of good information then it is the most powerful way to earn followers without following anyone. The reason is that if your blog produces great content then people will want to read all your posts. In order to get you and your blogs updates, they will invariably follow you.



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