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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How to Make Money Online With Your Facebook Account

Facebook is one of the largest social networking sites. People all around the world use it to connect to each other. It was formerly created for high school and college students. It opened up for everybody in 2006 and then later in 2007 it opened up itself to developers. Therefore, it launched enormous opportunity for its users to make money online. From the time Facebook has opened up for developers, it has seen new applications overflowing. Many people are constantly developing new applications on Facebook and many of them are even used by various different users to create pages that appeal to their own interests and needs. More than 1,900,000 users access the Facebook Marketplace application, which has now become a trend that is gaining fame.
Following are the few ways, which can help you, generate money online with Facebook:
  1. Selling ad space: This is the most attractive part when it comes to making money online on Facebook. This forms majority of the business people do on it. Some Facebook applications let sellers advertise their wares to Facebook friends and other members. This method can help you make a lot of cash online by selling ad space on their page through ad networks like Lookery, Userplane and Google Adsense. Facebook is free to place ads in this marketplace and there is no limit on how many you can place. You can also try out the Social Ads to see how it benefits you. If you do not wish to sell, there are commission based sales referral programs that can help you a great deal. Following are 3 simple steps that can guarantee you a steady stream of income:
    • Develop a Facebook page that interests some advertisers.
    • Create a space where ads can be placed on your Facebook pages and for this purpose install the My Stuff application that allows you to install any code on your Facebook profile and pages.
    • Find an advertiser who is willing to advertise on your Facebook page.
  2. Selling goods and services: Facebook application Brand Tracker looks for upcoming concerts, events, and links to ticket selling websites. As predicted, people may start buying things from their own Facebook page.
  3. Sponsorship: this feature has also helped many people in making quick, easy, and handsome amount of money.
  4. Write a Facebook Book: it basically means advances and royalties for authors. So, you can make use of this option if you are good at writing content. If you are able to get good appreciators then you can surely earn enormous money online.
  5. Write a Facebook Blog: there are already numerous good ones who cover it up all. Surely, there is room for many more. Once you get an audience for your blog, you can begin to earn lot of money online.
  6. Sell your Facebook application: create an application on Facebook, bring it in the notice of some thousand users, try and fetch revenue from it and then offer cast Per Install ads via Adonomics and provide data to get an Adonomics certified valuation. This is a sure shot path to earn handsomely on Facebook.
  7. Facebook applications as a consultant: As of now, there is scarcity of good developers and so they are in huge demand. If you think you have it in you, go and fill up the vacuum there and earn sitting at home.
Do not just think of Facebook as a site to have fun and contact people. It can also help you make money online. Facebook has users all around the world and it has huge audience to it which and help you a great deal in your purpose of making money. You can access it anywhere anytime and people from all age groups can use it. So make use of the enhanced opportunities Facebook provides to its members.



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