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Saturday, July 17, 2010

How to explode the growth of your Facebook business page

With the continued growth of Facebook, businesses have started to sit up and take notice. Some marketers are reported to be making up to $1000 a day on the dominant social network. They are testament to the realistic potential Facebook has to make money online for businesses. As the Facebook hype continues we can only expect more and more companies to look for new ways to drive traffic back to their websites through this viral medium. Getting more traffic means getting more money, which everyone is after. So how can we, as online business owners, successfully drive traffic back to our business pages?
Facebook Business Page growth
There is an effective strategy that was named the “SEO Feeder Strategy” a couple of years ago. This strategy involved the creation of multiple websites to drive traffic and Page Rank back to the website that the marketer wanted to boost. This strategy is still successful today, and it was what encouraged me to think about utilizing Facebook in a similar way.
Facebook is viral in nature and nothing online that I know has the power to get a business exposure in a short period of time. According to my research of Facebook, a fan page really starts to gathering momentum after it exceeds 20,000 fans. Beyond this point, the rate of growth is unstoppable. By drawing on Facebook fan pages, we can tap into the viral traffic available to it. All it takes is a few compelling ideas. The key is to create relevant fan pages that fit the same demographic as your online business. You can find demographic information by searching for Facebook in Quantcast.com
The real key to acheiving success using the Facebook feeder strategy is first of all being able to create a viral system where you can take a facebook fan page viral again and again. First of all though you need to learn how to take your first fan page viral. Once one fan page gets over the 20,000 mark it can be used on other fan pages of the same owner to aid that page in reaching the 20,000 person target.
When you have three – five viral fan pages with increasing numbers of fans and gathering momentum, it is time to “Feed” them into the main Facebook business page you have setup. This business page needs to fit the demographic, justify the benefits of joining and engage with fans so they feel like they can join in discussions, add comments etc.
This method works with all businesses however, it lends itself best to the female demographic. In my experience, women tend to love sharing and talking about viral topics more than men.
Once you business page starts flourishing, you are in a great position to begin calling your fans to act, thus converting their presence into sales.
Remember that like SEO Feeder sites, Facebook feeders rely on relevancy to be effective. Talk to your audience in their own language and terms they understand and your online business will be rewarded greatly as a result.





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