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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Are you doing these 10 mistakes on Your Facebook Account?

On many occasions, we do certain things wrong, like starting many blogs and maintaining none of them, the same thing applies to our presence on Social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, Linkedin etc. Create your presence on these networks if you can maintain that or what you can do is create your account on Facebook only and actively work on that. And in case, you are showing your business or your presence on all of social media websites and actively working on none of them, you are making a mistake. So in today’s post, I’m going to share 10 mistakes that you should avoid while working on your Facebook profile, Group or Fan page:

1. Adding People without any interest

When you are aiming at increasing the number of friends on your Facebook account, don’t start adding people at random. I would suggest adding people who are having same kind of interests like you have or should have some friends in common. And if you try adding too many people to your friends list at time, your account can be permanently removed due to this spammy activities. So think of increasing your friends list gradually.

2. Don’t have Facebook Fan Page

If you are thinking of having strong presence on Facebook for yourself or your business, then having a Fan page is must where you can do lots of interaction with your friends and fans. You can get lots of traffic to your website or blog from your Facebook Fan page if you promote it properly. You can think of running a contest or some freebies kind of activity on your Facebook page to make it more popular and to get some buzz and traffic for your website.

3. Showing content from your website only

Lots of people make the mistake of sharing contents from their websites and blogs only. I would suggest keep on sharing interesting stories from other blogs and websites you visit on regular basis the way I do on my Facebook Fan Page. By sharing interesting and knowledgeable stories from other websites and blogs, you will be providing more variety into the kind of content you provide on your Facebook profile and your fans and friends will surely love this.

4. Posting text media only

On most of the time we make the mistake of posting content in the form of text on our Facebook page, which is wrong. Apart from text, we should share content in the form of videos and pictures on Facebook page. We will be motivating and giving some interesting stuff to our Fans and friends to see our Facebook page on regular basis.

5. No Content from Fans

We need to allow contribution from other people on Facebook in the form of comments, posting interesting stories to use social networks to their fullest. So allow comments coming from your fans and also allow them to share media files they want to share on your Facebook page.

6. No engagement with Fans

Lots of people create Facebook fan page and keep on sharing whatever they like, but never reply to comments and feedbacks coming from their fans. We should reply to all comments coming from our fans and even motivate them to share their favorite stuff on your Facebook page.

7. Not using Facebook applications

Facebook offers lots of applications that we can apply on our Facebook pages to make it more interesting. If you are having a blog, why don’t start showing your content on your Facebook page under notes section by adding your blog RSS feed. Connect your Facebook account with other networks where you are active like Twitter, YouTube, Digg etc. I would suggest running a contest on your Facebook page to make it viral.

8. No Update on Facebook

Lots of people and business create their profile and pages on Facebook after seeing because their friends, competitors or other business doing it. There is nothing wrong in it, actual problem is not updating their Facebook pages even once in a month. This is a really bad habit to have. Create your Facebook page only if you are aiming at updating it once a week at least or even everyday.

9. Not Publicizing they are on Facebook

If you have created a Facebook page, why keeping it at you only. Share it with your friends. If you have a website or blog, share it their. Include it in your email signature, business cards etc. So you should publicize your Facebook page as maximum as you can to make it more popular and to get some real business and Fan page of it.

10. Starting a Facebook group instead of a Page

Lots of business makes the mistake of starting a profile or group to promote their brand instead of a Facebook page. I would suggest using Facebook page as Facebook page is much better than Facebook profile due to the following reasons:
- Facebook page URL is better than group URL
- There is no member limit for a Facebook page, but it’s limited to 5,000 for a Facebook profile
- Facebook applications available for pages and not for groups





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