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Sunday, July 18, 2010

3 Digg – like Bookmarking Tools – Get Links + Earn

We all know that we need to build links to increase search engine authority and drive additional traffic to our sites. Here are three similar websites that allow fast link building and, in two cases, actually allow you to earn money off your link building activity.
All three sites run on the same software so they operate very similarly. All are modeled roughly after Digg but unlike the Digg community which will punish self promotion, these sites are designed for and welcome self promotional posts.
In each case you need to create and validate an account. Once approved you can create “Scoops” comprised of these elements:
  1. Scoop Title that becomes an anchored backlink to the webpage you are promoting
  2. Scoop Description that must fall within an acceptable number of characters for the site. If you have too many words or not enough you will not be able to proceed until you correct
  3. Category for the Scoop which allows categorization on the site. In some cases the category shows up in the URL
  4. Tags which help sort within the category. The tags are either attached to a tag cloud or used to identify and display related Scoops on the Scoop page.
  5. Your username entered when you set up the account.
  6. The opportunity for yourself and others to vote the Scoop up or down. Popular Scoops get promoted to the front page for extra exposure.
Each site creates a distinct page with its own URL for each submitted scoop. You can access the scoop later from that URL.

1. SheToldMe

Advertised as 100% Adsense Share, SheToldMe accepts your Adsense code and displays an ad with that code right below ever Scoop title you create. SheToldMe also accepts your Chitika account, serving your Chitika ads to search engine traffic. Good page rank and an active user community ensure that many Scoops get picked up the search engines and found by searchers.
As a side bonus, every scoop you publish also displays a link to whatever homepage you specify for your account. If you refer other members you get your own Adsense block displayed on the pages they create.

2. Carnival of Making Money Online

Carnival of Making Money Online is similar web site offering up to 75% Adsense share to users who actively submit scoops. A sliding scale applies. No Chitika offered and the site is not as active as SheToldMe. There is a small 10% of Adsense bonus for referring new members.

3. DIY Hound

DIY Hound is stripped down version of SheToldMe focused on Do It Yourself articles. A unique feature is that promoted Scoops get emailed out to subscribers weekly. Very simple to use site but no revenue sharing so save it for after you submit scoops on the other sites.





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