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Sunday, July 18, 2010

10 Tips to Create a Killer Facebook Fan Page

Facebook is an amazing social media website, which has created its remarkable presence on the web. It is the place where millions unite, interact and turn into one strong social community altogether. Facebook and especially the Facebook fan page is the place where future of Internet marketing holds. But, can you bubble out the ideas of creating an amazing Facebook Fan page? Well, if not, here are 10-professionally sound ideas for you:

1. Using Your Business Name is a Great Thing to Do!

This is an amazing idea to carry out and avoid any confusion. And after you have built 25-fans, you can choose for a secured URL. For choosing a secured URL, make a login to Facebook, go to www.facebook.com/username and sign up for your username.

2. Create a Business Logo and Upload It

If you make the business logo symbolically represent your profile image, then nothing like it! The fan page community will soon begin to recognize your business logo with your brand.

3. Explicitly List Your Contact Information

Reference your business website and other relevant contact information vis-à-vis, email address, Twitter name, etc. on the fan page listing. In this manner, you will hunt your prospective customers quite easily who can relate and connect with your business.

4. Complete Your Information profile

Providing complete and genuine information profile on the fan page is the best thing to do! Why? Obviously, it’d create a likeable image among the Facebook community.

5. Do Frequent Wall Postings

Frequent postings on the Facebook fan page attracts more like minded fans, and also keeps your current fans happily going. So do it!

6. Go For Fan Page Linking

Direct links to your Facebook fan page from multiple places, which include website, blog, signature line, email signature, and many more. You can help people link to your fan page by simply adding links or a fan box, which will help the people to direct to Facebook fan page.

7. Incorporate Standard Facebook Applications

Standard applications such as Static FBML, Etsy or ArtFire, gives you the opportunity to add basic HTML coding to the Facebook, and allowing the customization of Facebook fan page by adding extra tabs, pictures and info on your Facebook’s wall. What’s more, Static FBML also helps in customizing the landing page. Further, Etsy or ArtFire helps in making large number of online audience aware about your products and services over the Facebook.

8. Announce and Promote Events/Sale

Facebook Fan Page gives you the resourceful means to announce any event, promo, etc. which directly helps in creating enhanced interaction and quality traffic flow. For example, a good promo line can be of something this sort – 20% Off on Sale of Every product etc.

9. Use Your Blog Content

You can always import the blog content to the Facebook Fan Page through the Social RSS.

10. Use Discussion Boards to Create Effective & Relevant Discussions

This is an amazing way to connect directly with the online fans community, which also helps in getting you the feedback. And naturally, you help your business grow phenomenally!




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