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Thursday, July 15, 2010

How to Monetize Your Facebook Fan Page (YouTube Videos)

Facebook is the most popular social website on the internet today. All be it in an indirect way, there are ways to make money from Facebook fan page. Facebook has 300 million registered of which 70% are active users. So when Facebook launched its fan pages it has created a big change in the way social media was used for marketing a brand and/or products.
Monetizing a Facebook Fan PageThe rage of the Facebook fan page has caught on recently. The Facebook fan page is an awesome way in which any company, brand or website is able to create a presence on the internet. By creating a public profile on Facebook, you do not require to make a complete website with an RSS feed etc. – all things are preset for you. Facebook only requires you to set up your fan page and promote it on your blog or among your friends to gain “fans” or followers. Recently, more and more companies are quickly shifting their focus to develop their marketing campaigns on this mega-popular social website.
The Facebook fan page can be a really gold mine of monetization, especially if you have a huge fan base on your fan page. Here are two ways by which you can make money from Facebook fan page:

Using Google Adsense in YouTube videos

Now it is important to remember that your Facebook fan page cannot be used in a direct manner for monetization. But it involves optimizing the fans following you to make money. You can create a fan page on Facebook that shows video on tutorials on anything you are comfortable with, it can be: body building, martial arts, funny videos etc. If the videos are related to your area of interest then you can be more effective in deciding the kind of videos that can viral.
Then what you need to do is get as many fans as you can. You can do this by suggesting your fan page to your friends and then you can even promote your Facebook fan page on your blog. In fact, Facebook even offers you fan page widget which you can perhaps display on your sidebar. This way you can get a lot of fans. Remember, the more fans you have the greater profit you will be able to earn.
Okay then begin to create videos on YouTube which you can promote on your fan page. Make a series of interesting and useful videos – the type that a person would like to share with others and then upload them on YouTube. Each time you put up the video, also post the link to the video on your fan page. This way you can drive traffic to your videos on YouTube.
So how does this traffic make money? You may be asking. Well, in case you are not aware, YouTube allows its users an Adsense revenue sharing program. So if you are registered Adsense member then you can share the account details with YouTube. Then whatever revenues are created from the ads placed in the video – it will go into your pocket. By this method you can pull traffic from your Facebook fan page to your YouTube videos and then earn money from the Google Adsense ads placed there.
To get the maximum traffic to your videos, always add a short description about the videos that you are posting on your fan page. Since this will also allow your fan page videos to turn up in the Facebook Search results.

Selling YouTube Video Views

This is the second method that you can make money off the Facebook fan page by using YouTube. There are many companies which will pay you quite handsomely if you are willing to drive target to their videos. The views of their videos will give them the much required exposure which they want online. So if you want, you can even put up the links to videos of sponsor companies. They will pay you money for number of views their video will get from your Facebook fan page. This way the company video will also get a high rating since the YouTube video rating is based on the principle that, the more views a video has, the higher rating it gets. A higher rating will allow the video to be viewed by more people on Facebook; this is why most companies are willing to pay you for selling YouTube video views.
It is easy to make money from you Facebook fan page if you upload quality and interesting videos. This is because your fans do not even have to visit your fan page profile to view the latest video links, they will be automatically notified every time they login into their Facebook account.
Hope you found this post useful. How you are making money from your Facebook Fan page, share in the comments section below.




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