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Thursday, July 15, 2010

How to monetize a viral page on Facebook

Nice BMWLittle known to the guru’s and the large businesses attempting to use FaceBook for research purposes, there has been a select number of marketers using FaceBook to generate thousands of dollars through many different techniques. These marketers have had it good and as a result of the amount of money they were making the public marketing sphere was vastly kept out of the loop.
When Facebook began to get popular a few years ago businesses took notice and had one question “How can we make money from this new source of traffic?” At the time a number of “Facebook Guru’s” rose up proclaiming themselves as having a solution. Unfortunately none of them did and instead a whole lot of information became available about how to communicate on Facebook instead of how to make some real money through it. Businesses began research campaigns as a result and entered into a phase of building group pages and communicating with their customers with the intention of presenting their brand in a different way to the public.
Now with the recent publicity and the new changes to FaceBook’s like button marketers have realised the potential that Facebook has to make money online. As a result of this latest realization a number of techniques have surfaced for making money from a fan page have surfaced. As you can understand any space or group which has gone viral (over 20,000 users) has the potential to make money. Today I am going to run over a way which you can monetize your FaceBook fan page for a business starting today.
If you own the FaceBook fan page which has gone viral I am going to assume that you have a website which is related to what you sell or distribute. For this reason then you will be able to drive your FaceBook visitors back to your website hungrier then ever.
So what steps need to be taken to monetize our Facebook Fan Page?
The first step is to identify what in the market would appeal to your consumers and then what your business can offer. The reason for this is because what we want to do is send your fans to a business page which introduces them to your business and then from there your website.
Find something of value that you can give away or something that you know will be compelling for them to try out such as an eBook, video or FaceBook application. Then on your fan page post a comment on the wall about the eBook or application stating the benefits for them in joining. Then post a link directly back to your businesses landing page where you have the opportunity for them to join your page and download the book.
For an online business Facebook can be a very important median to make money from. Next time you take a fan page viral try this method for your website and see how it works out for you.





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