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Thursday, July 15, 2010

5 Powerful Social Media Lessons An Internet Marketer Must Know

Social Media has become a powerful tool for Internet marketers. In this post I am sharing 5 powerful social media lessons an Internet marketer must know about.

1. Not all Social Media Tools Are Rewarding

It often becomes an obsession for Internet entrepreneurs and marketers to mark their presence on every popular social media platform. The truth being said, you can be effective in only one or two of the platforms. Not all social platforms will compliment and reward you well for investing your time on it. So it is important that you know what social media platforms are worth your time. Determine which social media tool works best for you and your business – then work on it.

2. Social Media Has Matured

Social networks no doubt started out as an entertainment medium for the youth who loved connecting with friends. Overtime, this has changed. Since the social media has now matured enough for businesses to understand the influence they can have on their brand value and sales. Case in point is Facebook, all businesses are moving into optimize the Facebook fan pages that have now become powerful tools to promote a business or market their product.

3. Social Media Does Not Give Instant Results

Does your medicine do wonders to your health in one day? Of course not, similarly learn to wait patiently for your work on social media to generate results. Results for you may be more clients or higher conversions depending on your venture. You will have to give a good chunk of your time to eventually enjoy results.

4. Social Media Will Give Frank Feedback

If you are using social media to improve your web presence, it is well and good. However, since social media is very people oriented you can be assured that your service or product will be given frank reviews. So you must be ready to hear out insults, negative comments and brickbats. This can be called an advantage or disadvantage. Advantage because it allows you to hear out what your customer/client has to say, and then accordingly you can improvise.

5. Avoiding Social Media Is Expensive

Even if you decide to ignore social media in your marketing strategy, I doubt whether your competitor would. Your rival would be busy reaching out and connecting to potential customers using social media tools – which will cause you loss. So be careful and include a solid social media campaign.




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