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Thursday, July 15, 2010

How to Use Twitter for SEO

With Social networking sites gaining popularity in SEO industry, webmasters are ready to exploit all possible channels of social media marketing to drive more traffic to their websites. Twitter is the latest trend in social networking that already has left its mark in the social as well as professional arena. So, there is no wonder that SEO service providers would want to use the potential of Twitter for search engine optimization.
Does Twitter have SEO Value?
Now there is a big question whether a link posted on Twitter passes link juice or not. Well, Twitter has SEO value which may not be direct but the other way. Twitter adds a “nofollow” attribute to all the links posted by its users. Search engines like Google, MSN may religiously obey “nofollow” instructions but there are other search engines (Ask.com) that doesn’t really pay attention to it.  So, webmasters who solely target Google might miss something by ignoring Twitter.
With millions of users registering every year Twitter definitely can be a source of organic traffic to your website if you know how to use it. Search engines might ignore the links posted on Twitter but they can not ignore a huge number of followers to a profile. Search engines give more importance to tweets by users having large number of followers than that of users with fewer followers.
Therefore, increasing the number of followers should be one’s prime objective while using Twitter for SEO purposes. Once you become a prominent figure on Twitter chances are your followers will visit most of the links you tweet. Thus Twitter can positively affect your site’s Alexa rank by driving traffic to your way. If you can bring visitors to your site via Twitter that will be an added advantage search engine marketers can not afford to ignore.
How to Use Your Twitter Profile for SEO?
Here is how you can make your Twitter profile work.
Profile: You need to choose your username carefully in order to rank with your profile. A crisp and relevant bio is a must to get noticed by both human users and search engines.
Tweet: What you tweet is the most important of all. Tweet regularly but not too much as it can annoy your followers as well. Like humans search engines also don’t like the idea of tweeting for marketing purpose only. Google can take frequent tweet with the same content as spam.
Hash Tags: Keywords preceded by a hash tag (#) help in getting a placement in twitter’s real time search as well as Google search. Instead of covering a broader term you’ll better focus in more specific keywords for better ranking. For example, if your profile refers to an Indian SEO company using #SEOIndia would be more accurate than just #SEO.
Re-tweet: Leverage the power of re-tweet option in Twitter by posting some really good and useful content. Use widely searched terms in your tweets; try tweeting unique and interesting facts related to popular topics. Posting useful links and content will automatically impel your followers to re-tweet and recommend your profile (FollowFriday recommendation) to their followers.





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