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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

10 tips to increase your Fan Base on Facebook

For the last few days, I have been studying a lot about Facebook. And my main focus of this study is to find out various ways to increase Fans to our Facebook Pages. In this post, I’m going to share all way-out I came to know that would help us increase our Fan Base on Facebook. And if I missed some methods for growing our Fan page, you are welcome to share it in the comments section.

1. Creating your Fan Page and getting your First 25 Fans

First thing that you have to do is create a Fan page for yourself or your business and fill in all required information. You should include a image for yourself or your business in your Fan Page with other details. And keep fresh content coming on your Fan page on regular basis. Write engaging content so people actually show interest in being Fan of your Facebook Page. You will need to have minimum 25 Fans to get a SEO Friendly URL for your Fan Page. Now the question arise, how to get these 25 fans to your Facebook page. What I did is, share my Fan Page with some of friends and ask them to be Fan of my page on Facebook. Also I ask them to share it with their friends list. And once you reach the target of 25 fans, go to username page to get a customized URL for your Fan Page.

2. Create a Facebook Fan Box and Share it on your blog

Fan Box Widget for ScopeformoneyClick Edit Page Link placed in the top left side of your Facebook page and then click Get Your Badge link placed in the lower right had side of the page. You can access the Badge Page directly by clicking this link when signed into your Facebook account. Now customize your badge as your choice and place it on your blog or website for additional exposure to your Fan page. I also have Fan Box (Facebook Badge) active on SFM blog sidebar. Let me know if you face any difficulty in placement of Fan box on your blog.

3. Suggest your Fan page to your Friends list

Suggest to friends LinkNext thing you can do to grow your Fan page is asking all of your Friends on Facebook to share your Fan Page with their friends. Suggest to Friends link is available in the top left hand side of page as shown in the image. From there, your friends will have the option to share your page with selected or all of their friends list. And you also can suggest your Fan page to your friends list.

4. Contact other Internet marketers and bloggers in your niche

Next thing you can do to increase your fan base numbers, is getting in touch with other internet marketers and bloggers in your niche and ask them if they will be interested in sharing our Fan Pages to each others friends list as we are working in the same niche and have the same kind readers. This way as well, you can get some targeted fans for your Fan page.

5. Export RSS Subscribers List

If you are using FeedBurner for managing your RSS Subscribers, you will have the option to export all of your E-mail subscribers. And if you are using Aweber or MailChimp kind of websites for managing your list, you surely will have the option to import your subscriber’s e-mail. Since your website subscribers like the kind of content you offer in your blog, which is the primary reason they subscribed to your blog. So there is every chance, they will like your Fan page on Facebook. So draft a polite e-mail and share it with all your subscribers list mentioning they are your website subscribers and invite them to be fan of your Facebook page.

6. Using the Share button

Use Share Button to send messageThere is a Share button available on a Fan Page towards bottom left had side. You can use this button to send promotional message to your friends, friends of friends or some selected friends list. I like share button because it allows me to connect with friends or friends.

7. Send an Update option

Send an Update to your FansWhen you click on edit page option on your Fan page, there is a Send an Update link under Promote your page towards bottom right side of page. You can use Send an update option to send textual, video, text with link to your Facebook Fans. You can target this update around Specific location, sex or age group.

8. Write on others Wall

It’s also a great idea to collect a list of popular Facebook pages created around your niche and being fan of them. Lots of Facebook pages allows their fans to write on its wall. And now its up to you to decide how you are going to use their wall. This way, you can introduce yourself to a targeted Fan page and there is every chance of them being clicking the Like button placed on your Fan Page if they like the content placed in by you on other popular Pages wall.

9. Joining groups in your niche

There may be lots of groups created around your niche on Facebook. And some of groups may carry even 1000′s of Fans. So what you can do is join those targeted groups and spread words about your Fan page and the kind of services you are expert in.

10. Some mixed ways to show your Fan page

This is a great idea to show your Facebook Fan page on as many places as you can like showing it in your email signatures, discussion forum signatures where you are active, business cards, ezine publishing websites, as part of your signature in your guest posts etc.





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