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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tips to promote your e-Commerce store

Promoting a small e-commerce website can be tricky and challenging, making it difficult for the webshop owners to drive traffic and users to it. However, you can follow some tips to have an effective e-commerce store which will help you bring return visitors.
Keep the design simple
A simple and user friendly design always works best. Complicated websites and navigation is not user friendly and can lead the user to abandon your site. So keep a simple site design, which is easy to navigate and browse.
Highlight important sections
Product names and prices should be highlighted prominently on the website, along with important sections like checkout process, shipping information, return policy, FAQs etc. Giving your contact details on the website is also beneficial.
Use photos for products
Photos of products are worth a thousand words and tell the users exactly what they will get. Provide a small description of the product and keep the sentences short so it is easy for the reader to read through. Adding sub-headings and bullet points also makes the product description compelling and easy to read.
Choose a good domain name
A keyword rich domain name is important for an e-commerce store as it can help with the search engine rankings. Most e-commerce stores do not have a lot of content rich pages, so choosing a keyword rich domain is beneficial.
Content creation
Even though you may not have enough pages on your site, try and add content to the existing pages. E-commerce stores usually do not have a lot of content rich pages, but you can improve this by adding more content to your product pages. Another tip is to use keywords to your content to attract users from the search engines.
Make your online store Search Engine Friendly
Making your online store search engine friendly is very important if you want to drive serious traffic to it from the search engines. If you are using an open source shopping cart system like osCommerce or Zen Cart, then you will find a number of plugins which allow you to make your store Search Engine Friendly. These plugins and add-ons include addition of Meta Tags and Search Engine Friendly URL structure.
Add a Blog
Adding a blog to your ecommerce site allows you to add content and provide information about your products to your customers. Blogs can also be used for marketing your ecommerce store, so make sure you add one to your site, as a sub-domain
Use Social Media
Social Media Marketing techniques can be used to get more visitors to your website. Promote your online store on websites like Twitter and other social media sites to drive traffic to it.
Use Email Marketing
Email marketing is a very effective marketing method and as your customer base increases over time, you can get return visitors by sending them newsletters regularly. You can have an opt-in list of your customers, to prevent unsolicited emails.
Get Links
Start a link building campaign for your online store, and get quality incoming links to your site. Links not only help in getting traffic and users to the site but they also help in improving your rankings on the search engines.



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