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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Top 10 Twitter Add-ons For Firefox

Add-ons are enhancements for improving application features installable from the Internet. For the increasingly popular web browser Mozilla Firefox, many Twitter adds-on are now available that add to the user’s Twittering experience while working with the browser. Below is a list of the 10 more popular Twitter add-ons for Firefox.

1. Power Twitter

Power Twitter is a great add-on to Firefox as it adds great connectivity features to the browser; e.g. Twitter Search box, Twitter’s web interface, link to Youtube and other popular visual media sites, and more.

2. Twitter Search

Twitter Search serves like a search engine for Twitter using which you can search Twitter for any keywords or users’ names etc.

3. TwitterBar

This special add-on allows you to send updates to Twitter by simply typing them in the browser’s address bar. It also works for Google Chrome.

4. TwitterFox

TwitterFox can be regarded as the most popular Twitter add-on for Firefox. It installs a Twitter icon at the top of Firefox such that you receive an alert whenever any of your Twitter contacts posts a tweet. Also, it allows you to post tweets directly from the browser without visiting Twitter’s site.

5. Twitzer

A unique Twitter add-on for Firefox, Twitzer allows you to post messages longer than 140 characters. Twitzer automatically summarizes the message and sends it onward as a standard tweet. The recipient can, however, choose to read the full text, if interested, as Twitzer offers a link to the full text of the message.

6. Twitkit

This add-on places a sidebar at your browser such that you can close and open it at your request. Twitkit also allows thematically categorization of content and other interesting features.

7. Tweecious

Usually underrated, this add-on certainly deserves more attention as it has the unique feature of collecting your Twitter timeline links and forwarding them to your del.ici.ous account.

8. Mr. Tweet

This specialized Twitter add-on for Firefox shows the statistics for tweeting of a Twitterer; things like his/her frequency of tweeting, link sharing, and the kind of tweets posted in a certain period of time.

9. Clean Tweets

A comparatively new Twitter add-on for Firefox, Clean Tweets serves to remove spam and unwanted tweets, making Twittering a cleaner and more enjoyable experience.

10. Twitbin

A twin add-on to Twitkit, Twitbin allows you to manage all your Twitter correspondence from the sidebar of your browser.




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