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Monday, August 23, 2010

10 Tips for Maximizing Facebook Groups

 Facebook groups are great for meeting new people and sharing your ideas and content. Facebook groups can also help you brand yourself if you use them right.

Following are 10 tips for maximizing your Facebook groups participation:

1Join Facebook groups with the intention of gaining the maximum possible benefit from each group. Do not just click “Join” merely to display interest in a subject or cause.
  1. Be prepared to give at least as much to the group as you receive, and in the end you’ll probably receive more than you gave.
  2. Abide by each group’s preferences. Look to see whether discussion is taking place on a group’s Wall or on its Discussion Tab.
  3. Visit your Facebook groups frequently, as your groups’ updates don’t appear in your news feed and may have insufficient EdgeRank to be appear if and when Facebook allows group content to show up in news feeds.
  4. Comment on your groups’ updates and join the conversation. You may disagree with another member’s content or opinion, but please, exercise restraint and comment with respect for that person and the group. Sometimes it may be better to send a private message rather than discuss a delicate or personal matter in public.
  5. Add new content to your Facebook groups that will interest other members and stimulate conversation. Include your personal take on the content.
  6. Post your own content if it’s relevant, but don’t post your content exclusively, and be very careful not to spam the group.
  7. Invite your friends to join the Facebook groups you belong to. Use your Wall, a group’s “Invite People to Join” link or private messages. However, only extend appropriate direct invitations. I’ve been extra careful when inviting people to join the Fabulous Baby Boomers Facebook group, because I don’t want to insult them in case they’re too young to be boomers.
  8. Invite group members to be Facebook friends if and when it seems like a good idea. In the invite message, remind them how you know them.
  9. Expect to receive bulletins from your Facebook groups. If your groups hold a Facebook Event or even an off-site event, do your best to participate.
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