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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Update All of Your Social Networks in One Place

All of this social networking madness can drive your average teen, business owner or blogger into a frenzy when it comes to keeping “status updates” consistent and sharing information that you find online, without having to jump through a thousand hoops to get the job done. Let’s face it just about everyone on the planet has Facebook (over 350,000,000 actually), Twitter has exploded in popularity and everyone has that My Space page that they visit when there is absolutely nothing else that you can think of doing instead.
I am one of those blogging CEO‘s that believes that building an online community is extremely important for growing most blogs, or at least the blogs that most of you are working on at the time. If you plan on having an online community your going to find yourself creating plenty of new profiles at various social networking sites like, Twitter, Facebook, My Space, Friendster, Diigo, and Linkedin to name a few. There are literally hundreds of social networking sites that you can become active on, if you play your cards right and continue to keep things updated and share decent information your online community will continue to grow.

Update All of Your Social Networks in One Place

Ping.fm allows you to post to just about any social network from one simple place, updating your “status updates” and sharing your favorite articles and blog posts couldn’t be any easier than it is when using Ping.fm.
If you take a quick look at the Ping.fm screen shot above you will see an area that I entered my text that would be sent to the list of social networking sites listed on the left, as you can also see in that column you can add more social networks to send your message to once you hit “Ping it”. There seriously has to be at least 100 social networking sites that you can connect with Ping.fm, check out the screen shot below to see a few of the social networks that you can connect with Ping.fm in order to send status updates from one place.

Social Networking Sites

Ping.fm Toolbar Share on All of Your Social Networks

Now that you have an idea of how Ping.fm can make it easy for you to update all of your social networking profiles a snap, while doing it from one very easy to use site, it’s time to show you how easy it is to share your favorite blog posts and whatever else you find on the internet with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Plurk, My Space and whatever other social networking sites you choose.
Once you install the Ping Toolbar on your favorite browser you can share your favorite articles and finds on the internet within seconds, and the best part is whatever you share will be posted to all of your social networking profiles. If you look at the screen shot above you can see the “Ping This” in the toolbar, if your on a blog post or article that you enjoy and want to share simply click the “Ping This” button on the toolbar and within seconds all of your social network profiles will be updated. Your done, no site hopping.
I found Ping.fm thanks to Mike from Daily Shot of Coffee and I haven’t stopped using it since, I don’t use all of the features that Ping has to offer since I have only been using it for about 3 weeks now. I suggest taking a few minutes to check out Ping.fm and see if you find it useful, I posted a few more Ping.fm features below.

Ping.fm Services and Features

  • Ability to create “groups” to filter certain messages
  • Post from Anywhere >> to Anywhere
  • Support for iPhone, iPod Touch, WAP and SMS text messaging
  • Yahoo! Messenger
  • Google Talk, AIM, Windows Live Messenger and standard email
Aftr you check out Ping.fm take a second to leave a comment and share some feedback with everyone, seeing only my perspective can get old pretty quick.




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