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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Paid blogging options for making money online

There are many ways to make money online like creating a blog in a niche you are most interested in and generate income from it by showing pay per click ads, affiliate links and banners or textual links that are sold privately or via a text link selling marketplace. Apart from these ways to monetize a blog, there is one more easiest and fastest way to make instant money from a blog in any niche that’s via various paid blogging (Get paid to blog) networks.
From advertiser prospective, there are many blogs who performs really well in their specific niches. And advertisers want to place some links or written content with some link back to their websites to increase their search engine rankings and to spread words about their website and services in blogsphere.
And when you work as a publisher or blogger on a paid blogging network, you will get some fee or percentage of total review cost if you complete a review about an advertiser website successfully. So to start making money with paid blogging, all you have to do become a member of some popular paid blogging networks with the best blogs that you have. Some blog networks have conditions about your blogs like it must be more than 3-6 months old, updated 2-3 times a week, some good PR and Alexa ranking.
Once you get approval from some blogging networks, visit your account on these websites to see if there are some open opportunities waiting for you there or place some bids on the open opportunities that are available. Some paid networks even send e-mail notice about open opportunities or task waiting for your approval.
When you get an opportunity to write for an advertiser, write your content according to the terms about that task. And once you have written and published that content on your blog, inform that blog network with the Post URL and other details. And when your written post is approved, you will be paid the decided amount. Most of paid blogging network send payments into your paypal account and if you don’t have a paypal account, can request for a check as well. All networks send your earned money through paypal or via check at least once in a month. Some network even sends your earnings at an interval of 15 days or even weekly.
And as far as the amount of money that we can earn for each post that we write depends upon our blog niche, its popularity, Page rank and Alexa rankings. You can think of making any money from $5 to $100 or so for each approved post on a paid blogging network.
So here is the list of some of popular paid blogging networks we can use to make extra amount of money from our blogs easily
  • Payperpost (PPP): To be included on this paid blogging network, you must have a blog with a minimum age of 3 months. And if your blog has some good PR like 5 or 6, you have great chances of making some big money with Pay per post. They send payments via paypal once in a month.
  • SponsoredReviews: SponsoredReviews give 65 percent of a fulfilled task to the bloggers and keep the remaining 35 percent in their account. They have lots of advertisers waiting for your bids to be placed according to their mentioned budgets. The minimum budget for an open opportunity that I have seen so far on SponsoredReviews is $5 and maximum budget is $1000. They send payments via paypal twice in a month. So their payment system is quite strong.
  • ReviewMe: You have a great chance of making some big money with ReviewMe if you have a blog with Good page rank, Alexa Ranking, Technorati Ranking and high number of RSS subscribers. Some of popular blogs in blogging and ‘money making’ niche are registered on ReviewMe.
  • Smorty: To approve your account on Smorty, all you need is an active blog having age of 3 months and must be indexed by major search engines. Minimum amount of money that you will be able to earn by writing a review for an advertiser available on Smorty is $6. Once you have made the post and submitted the details on Smorty, your blog post gets approved within next 4-5 business days. They send your earnings on weekly basis into your paypal account. 
  • Linkworth: They have lots of options for bloggers to earn money with their blogs like by selling text link ads, PPC ads, contextual links and paid reviews. They have 50-50 and 70-30 revenue split for publishers. They claim that when we chose to go for 50-50 revenue share as a blogger, we are offered higher amount of money making opportunities. They send payments via Paypal, Check or Direct deposit on the 12th of every month. 
  • Blogsvertise: create a publisher account on Blogsvertise with your most popular and active blogs.And when you get a task for writing, you have to finish that within next five days. You have to include at least three links to the advertiser’s website in your review.
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