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Thursday, August 19, 2010

How To Make Money Online with Squidoo

The first time I heard of Squidoo, I only looked at it as a source of interesting information. I didn’t realise that there are different ways to make money from it. How? Well, here are the few ways —

1.Be a content provider. Or rather, a ‘lensmaster’ as they are referred to in the world of Squidoo, as each page created by an individual is called a ‘lens’. This is the primary function of Squidoo: allowing everyone to be experts in their specialty areas. And, the great thing about it is that there’s no one way to create a page or lens. As a lensmaster, you are entitled to earn royalties from your lenses. Basically, when you create a page and Squidoo runs ads on them, you get a cut of the revenues whenever a reader/visitor clicks on an ad on your lens. 

2.Sell and promote your own products. If you have an eBay store or Cafepress shop, then creating a Squidoo lens is one way for you to get new buyers. You just create a lens that is related to the theme of your online store, use the built-in functions of adding eBay and/or CafePress items, choose items that you wish to promote – then publish and share your lens. 

3.Sell affiliate products. There are two ways you can make use of affiliate selling on Squidoo. One is with the use of their built-in affiliate tools (just choose the products to add to your lens and you get a cut off the commission that Squidoo will receive). The other is by linking to your own affiliate products on your lenses. In the built-in affiliate tools, you can choose from various well-known brands like Amazon, eBay, Netflix, CafePress, and iTunes. 

4.Drive traffic to your blog or website. When you create a lens about your blog or website, or a topic that can be used as a spin-off from your blog or site, then you just might find yourself with a flurry of new visitors, that may just turn in to readers, subscribers, and/or buyers of whatever it is you’re selling. Although I haven’t seen this myself just yet, apparently, search engine giant Google loves Squidoo. So, it might just help with your PR rankings too!
5.Promote Squidoo through their affiliate programme.  All you need to do is create your own account and get your referral link. If someone signs up through your affiliate link and then his or her lens earns its first $15, both you and your friend will each get $5 in to your account. This is great because it really encourages promotion and community.

6.Email Marketing
Email Marketing is useful, but not used by many. You can just put a signature link with all your outgoing emails about your “Squidoo Lens”. You may be sending emails very often and all your recipients have a chance to click and check your latest Squidoo Lens.

7.Forum Signature
Taking part in forums helps you lot with learning different things. You must be a registered member with many forums so make use of the signature link that is offered. Just add your Squidoo lens link at the signature space, through this you are revealing your lens page among many forum users. Also make sure you check their terms and services before you drop your signature.




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