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Thursday, August 12, 2010

5 Things To Consider While Analyzing Your Competitors

You cannot make your competitors disappear. Yet, you can fight potential customers from them by analyzing their websites and taking relevant actions. Whether you analyze your competitors manually or with a competitive analysis tool, you should consider the following data:
  1. First of all, pay attention to the Page Rank. It is obvious that you have to look it up. Google ranks websites relying on their PR, as well as some other factors, of course. Therefore, competitor’s PR is one of the most crucial details you must consider while analyzing your niche competition.
    To check the PR of any website, either install Google Taskbar (it’s free and easily downloaded from the official site) or use any competitive analysis tool available in the Internet.
  2. Second the most important thing in analyzing your competitors is a number of their backward links. And it is widely known, the more backward links you have, the higher position you get in SERP.
  3. You shouldn’t forget about analyzing competitors’ backward links quality either. If the backward links are from authoritative websites with high PR, you should make great efforts to beat your competitors.
  4. Never forget to check whether the needed keywords are present in the URLs and meta titles of your competitors’ sites. What is important for Google must be important for you as well.
  5. Analyze competitor’s traffic details to identify his marketing strategies. There are several ways of gathering traffic approximations that your competitors get:
    • Alexa, Compete, or Netcraft are free and can be used both by amateur or professional webmaster.
    • Hitwise and ComScore are paid services and provide more comprehensive traffic information.
It is important to keep tabs of what your competitors are doing, but do not dwell too much on their traffic: think more on what you are doing with yours.
Tip: There are many ways how to gather the data mentioned above, the only rule of thumb is to do it in the most cost and time effective way. Competitive Analysis Tool designed by EasySeoTracking meets these requirements. It is a FREE powerful online service to analyze a necessary niche in the market.
This Competitive Analysis Tool delivers the following SEO parameters: Page Rank, number of backward web links, presence of keywords in a URL and title, number of unique visitors, analyzes competitors’ backward links. Give it a try and make sure analyzing a niche has never been so easy.




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